Learn More about K5 Skin Nutrition Diabetic Skin Care Formula

K5 Skin Nutrition is a skin health product that provides the proper nutrition for healthier skin. K5 Skin Nutrition products nourish skin to revive and repair your skin problems caused by diabetes or circulation problems.

Diabetes patients are experience severe skin problems that may lead to amputation, particularly on lower legs, ankles & feet. It is possible to avoid amputating toes, feet, or limbs by improving these skin problems. K5 Skin Nutrition Diabetic Skin Care Formula uses many elements of nutrition to help provide what the skin is not getting from the bloodstream.

Your skin’s tone and texture transforms as damaged skin is replaced by healthy, fresh skin nourished by K5’s powerful ingredients.

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What's in K5 Skin Nutrition?

Polypodium Leucotomos (PLE)

PLE is an extract from a South American tropical fern known by native tribes as “The Jewel of the Young” because of its skin-healing properties. PLE biologically changes the way skin reacts when exposed to Ultra Violet rays (UV).

PLE is a potent anti-inflammatory, and also boosts the skin’s immune system.



Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

HA is the best moisturizer on the planet. K5 uses tiny molecules of HA to ease skin penetration & speed hydration, moisturizing and plumping skin.

HA is naturally occurring in skin, but it’s lost as we age. It’s natural action is to maintain moisture in the skin by binding water molecules, which leads to skin volume.

Diabetic patients especially experience drying skin, which make it even more susceptible to damage. K5 Skin Nutrition contributes moisture to the skin and helps reverse that damage.

Skin Nutrients

Alpha Lipoic Acid helps the body make healthy new skin cells.

Ceramides increase healthy skin cell turnover, hold moisture, and soften dry, rough skin.

Flavonoids, derived from the world’s healthiest foods, contain powerful anti-oxidants and enhance delivery of vital nutrients to the skin, improving clarity, color and tone.

Resveratrol is a natural anti-oxidant that is stable and potent. It improves collagen synthesis and reduces sun damage.



Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin A stimulates cell growth and turnover, to help make the skin thicker and more resilient.

Niacinamide (B3) improves elasticity and enhances the skin’s natural barrier function to erase discoloration and revive healthy tone and texture.

Vitamin B6 encourages oxygenation and reduces blemishes.

Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis, minimizing lines, scars, and blemishes. K5 uses a stable, long-lasting Vitamin C compound.

Vitamin D matches what your skin produces during sun exposure without the harmful effects of UV.

Vitamin E, known as an anti-oxidant for topical skin care, also retains moisture by improving the skin’s barrier function.

Vitamin K1 improves micro-circulation to the skin, reducing skin redness.

Vitamin K2 regulates the deposit of calcium, keeping elastin from hardening and causing wrinkles.

Zinc promotes the growth of collagen and is necessary for cell growth and turnover.

Magnesium slows down the aging of skin.

Selenium is an anti-oxidant that increases skin elasticity and protects from UV rays.

Manganese helps enzymes function and helps boost the immune system.

Calcium is a building block for skin cells.

K5 Skin Nutrition includes a complex of quality conditioners, producing a soft and supple feel.

  • Paraben-free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-pore-clogging
  • Preservatives are safe, even for compromised skin



Our unique airless packaging protects K5 Skin Nutrition products from exposure to air from the time of manufacture until you are ready to apply. Minimizing exposure to air protects our valuable raw materials and maximizes skin care benefits.

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K5's anti-aging ingredients invigorate rapid cell turnover, revealing fresh new skin cells. Your skin could be visibly firmer with a more radiant tone in just 30 days.